Parish Council January 2020

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Date(s) - 08/01/2020
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Oasis Nursery



All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Monthly Meeting of Ludgvan Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 8th January, 2020 in the Oasis Childcare Centre, Lower Quarter, Ludgvan commencing at 7pm.


M J Beveridge Parish Clerk 03/01/2020


  1. Apologies for absence – to receive and approve apologies for absence and note

    apologies not received.

  2. Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda – to receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interests as declared on the Register of Interests and/or Declarations of Non-registerable Interests.
  3. Dispensations – the Clerk will consider and report on any requests for dispensation in line with the Council’s Code of Conduct.
  4. Public Participation Period – to last no longer than 15 minutes unless agreed by the Chairman.
  5. Allocated Employment Site Presentation – Andrew Golay on Cornwall Development Plan for Hayle – Site H-E2 – to last no longer than 10 minutes.page1image13128000
  1. Parish Council Meeting Minutes – to receive and approve the minutes of the 3-7 meeting held on Wednesday 11th December, 2019.
  2. Matters to Note – to receive a verbal report on any matters arising from previous minutes, not on the agenda. For information only.
  3. Cornwall Councillor Report – to receive report from Cllr. Elliott – to last no longer than 5 minutes unless agreed by the Chairman. For information only.
  4. Cornwall Council – Planning Applications – for consideration.
  1. (a)  PA19/08317 – Retrospective change in use of a former stables and workshop to a

    mixed use as a timber frame manufacturing and assembly workshop, domestic & commercial storage and stabling for the keeping of a recreational horse – Bowls Barn Castle Road Ludgvan Penzance Cornwall TR20 8HD – P Osborne.

    Decision deferred from December:

  2. (b)  PA19/10164 – Retention of extension to dwelling – Gwel-An-Margh Ludgvan

    Penzance Cornwall TR20 8BL – Mr & Mrs Higgins

10. Finance Report

  1. (a)  Payment Schedule – for approval.
  2. (b)  Receipts – for information.
  3. (c)  Bank Reconciliation – to note that the latest bank reconciliation has been signed.
  4. (d)  Budget Monitoring Report – for information.
  1. Budget & Precept 2020/21 – for approval. 8-16
  2. Grants

(a) PK Muay Thai (Martial Arts Club) – Rospeath Industrial Estate, Crowlas 17-18

13. Logo – for approval.

  1. Risk Register and Review of Internal Controls 2019/20 – for approval. 20-24
  2. Community Halls
  1. (a)  New Community Building in Long Rock – to consider invitation to Parish Council

    to take on ownership and management.

  2. (b)  Long Rock Memorial Hall.
  1. Auto Speed Watch Roadside Units – to approve expenditure, subject to relevant authorisations being received.
  2. Clerk’s Report – for information.
  1. (a)  Recruitment – update.
  2. (b)  Tolverth Field Repairs – update.
  3. (c)  St Erth PC meeting re boundary review.
  4. (d)  CALC AGM – Thursday 30th January at 7.30 – New County Hall, Truro – to approve attendees on behalf of Council.
  5. (e)  Climate Emergency Working Party meeting – to set date.
  6. (f)  Community Chest 2020/21 proposal to purchase thermal imaging camera – to consider and approve preparation of application.

18. Website – to receive an update on progress. (a) Training

19. Community Emergency Plans – to receive an update on progress. (a) Canonstown to Whitecross – replacement for Cllr. Miucci.

20. Neighbourhood Development Plan

  1. (a)  Examiner’s Report.
  2. (b)  Next steps.
  1. NDP/PC Promotional Leaflet – update on progress.
  2. Design Statement – update on progress.
  3. Affordable Housing Plan – update on progress.
  4. Training – to appoint Members and the Clerk to attend various courses.
  5. Highways, Bridleways and Footpaths – to receive reports and agree actions.
  1. (a)  Parish “Welcome to Ludgvan” Road signs.
  2. (b)  Rights of Way W/P report on section 3 of St Michael’s Way.
  1. For Information – to receive updates on any meetings attended by Members or the Clerk as representatives of the Parish Council; future dates for the diary; and any matters of interest from Members or the Clerk.
  2. Correspondence – to receive and agree actions.
  3. Agenda Items – to receive items for next meeting.
  4. Planning & Highways – For information (see attached) 25
  5. Correspondence – For information

(a) Cornwall Council – Site Allocations Development Plan

Agenda January 2020