Latest agenda and minutes

From 10 June 2020 the parish council will hold virtual meetings using Zoom. These meetings will be open to the press and public to watch or to attend for the public participation period. To watch the online live-stream of the meeting, follow this link on the date and time of scheduled meetings. To attend the Zoom-meeting during the public participation period, email the clerk ( at least 24 hours before the meeting to request a Zoom-invitation to the meeting, and state the nature of the comments or question you wish to put to the council, noting that the topic you speak on needs to relate to an item on the agenda for that meeting.

The next meeting of the parish council is scheduled for Wednesday 12 August 2020, the agenda for this meeting is at this link.

Due to covid-19 restrictions and the cancellation of council meetings from April 2020, an emergency scheme of delegation has been adopted by the council. Delegated decisions to date are listed on the Register of Delegated Decisions (in place of Minutes).

Although council meetings are not being held at the moment, the parish council continues to welcome the participation of the whole community. If you have a question or concern to put to the council, email it to: so that it can be put to the councillors, you will receive a response, and it will be noted in the minutes. Please include ‘public participation’ in the subject line of the email. This includes comments on planning applications.