Ludgvan Parish Council, as Burial Authority for the Ludgvan parish owns and maintains cemeteries in Ludgvan and Crowlas.

All enquiries and applications must be made through Ludgvan Parish Council – contact the clerk, Louise Dowe on 07928 813 653 or by email at clerk@ludgvan.org.uk Note that information and application forms are available from the parish council website.

Written permission must be given by the council before any interments can take place (coffins or ashes), and before the scattering of ashes, placing of memorials, additional inscriptions on memorials.  Fees are set out in the fees and charges.

Crowlas Cemetery

Established at the very end of the 19th century, the chapel (on the left) is clearly dated 1899.  The cemetery is located on the edge of Crowlas village – just as you leave the village, eastbound on the A30 – at the end of a long, narrow lane running between open fields.

The cemetery was originally built to accommodate the wishes of non-conformists who had no desire to be interred in the grounds of the established church, St. Paul’s in Ludgvan Churchtown.

St Paul’s Cemetery

St Paul’s Churchyard, attached to Ludgvan Church, has now closed and is maintained by Cornwall Council.  It was realised, early in the new millennium that it was approaching capacity for interments and steps were taken to find a new site. 

Thanks to the great generosity of Mr and Mrs Higgin, a family with close associations with the parish, a plot of land adjacent to the existing church and cemetery was gifted to the Parish Council as a site for the new cemetery.  The new cemetery was consecrated in 2008 by the Bishop of St. Germans.

The cemeteries are open to interments for both residents of the Parish and for non-residents. Higher fees are charged to non-residents. All burials and memorials are subject to the current Cemetery Regulations.

To apply for a burial, to scatter ashes, or to erect a memorial, forms can be downloaded and returned to: clerk@ludgvan.org.uk Refer to our advice on burials and interment of Ashes page, and the information on burial forms and documents.

Ashes can be interred in a dedicated cremated remains section at the Crowlas cemetery, or may be interred in a grave. St Paul’s cemetery will soon have a cremated remains section, and there is still provision in the churchyard – contact the Parish Church for further information

Interments (coffins or ashes) may only be carried out once written permission has been granted by the parish council.