Committees and Working Groups

As appointed at the Annual Meeting in May 2021, and updated as necessary since then.

A30 GroupCllrs Munday, Cartwright, Elliott
Accounts and Audit Working GroupCllrs Mann, Elliott, vacancy
Affordable Housing Working GroupCllr Price-Jones
Allotment Working GroupCllrs Mann, Branchett, Price-Jones,
Allotment representatives: B Hulks, S Wilson, C Rodda (CH), A Bennetts (LR)
Community Network PanelCllr Elliott
Contracts Working GroupCllrs Mann, Porter and Price-Jones
Council asset checksLudgvan churchtown area – Cllr Price-Jones
A30 benches and phone boxes – Cllr Miucci
Longrock area – Cllr Branchett
Council internal audit checksBanking, payroll, policies and assets – Cllr Price-Jones
Payments and receipts – Cllr Miucci
Burials and allotments – Cllr Branchett
Councillor Advocate for Police and Crime CommissionerCllr A Branchett
Employment CommitteeCllrs Mann, Payne and Porter
Long Rock Public Toilets working groupCllrs Branchett, Munday, Porter and Payne.
Ludgvan and Long Rock Community Speed Watch SchemeCllr Segal
Neighbourhood Plan Review Group
Rights of Way Working GroupCllrs Munday, Branchett, Elliott
Varfell Farms and Ludgvan Liaison GroupCllrs Elliott, Porter and Branchett
Website compliance working groupCllrs Elliott