Burials and Interment of Ashes

The cemeteries are open to interments for residents of the Parish and for non-residents. Higher fees are charged to non-residents. All burials and memorials are subject to the current Cemetery Regulations. The current Cemetery Fees apply.

To apply for a burial, to scatter ashes, or to erect a memorial, forms can be downloaded and returned to: clerk@ludgvan.org.uk

Ashes can be interred in a dedicated cremated remains section at the Crowlas cemetery, or may be interred in a grave. St Paul’s cemetery in Ludgvan will soon have a cremated remains section, and there is still provision in the churchyard – contact the Parish Church for further information

Interments (coffins or ashes) may only be carried out once written permission has been granted by the parish council.

Documentation required prior to Interment

  • Application for Exclusive Right of Burial – by purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial to a cremation plot, the plot will be reserved for use by the applicant, and so they can decide who’s ashes may be interred in the plot, and will enable a memorial tablet to be placed on the plot.
  • Notice of Interment: a fully completed Notice of Interment (and where necessary, confirmation of pre-purchasing of grave) should be sent to the Clerk at least 5 working days before the intended interment.
  • Certificate for Disposal/Order for Burial: The Registrar’s certificate for disposal or the Coroner’s order for burial must also be delivered to the Clerk before interment can legally take place. Failure to deliver such a certificate or order will result in the postponement of the funeral until such time as the certificate or order is produced or a Form 18 is completed as required under Regulation 49(3)  Schedule 2, Births and Deaths Registration Act 1987 (Section 1 Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926 and Amendment)
  • Fees: All fees relating to interments should be paid to Ludgvan Parish Council. When the application documents have been received by the Clerk, an invoice will be issued, setting out the fee payable and giving details of how to pay.

Failure to deliver any of the above documents may result in a delay or postponement of the funeral.


Note that funerals are often arranged by a Funeral Director, but they do not have to be. For information generally about funeral arrangements, there is more advice on the Cornwall Council website – link here. And for more information on making arrangements for a funeral without a funeral director, there is helpful advice available, including this link to Leicester City Council’s website.

Grave digging

Arrangement for grave digging is the responsibility of the Funeral Director. Only persons approved by the parish council are permitted to dig graves. Refer to the parish council’s Grave Digging Policy.


The usual hours for interments are 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Burials may be carried out on Saturdays and Sundays, at the discretion of the parish council.


The parish council or its officers will not be responsible for any error or consequences thereof that may arise by reason of any inaccuracy in or late receipt of Notice of Interment. All orders and instructions must be in writing. Instructions by telephone must be confirmed to the council in writing as soon as possible.

It is possible that there may be previous or future interments of non-family members where Exclusive Rights of Burial are not in existence. Remains will not be disturbed when preparing for a new interment.

Purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial

When a grave is purchased, it refers to the purchasing of the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave space and not the purchase of the land itself. This means that you do not own the land but have the right, during the period stated, to say who can be buried, or have cremated remains buried, in the grave space.

A Right can be purchased in advance, many people do this to have the reassurance that there will be a grave space for them in their chosen cemetery. In this way, you can reserve the right to be buried in a cemetery, however note that graves are allocated on the basis of the next available at the date of interment. Specific grave plots are not reserved.

The cost of an Exclusive Right of Burial does not include any interment costs, these fees are listed separately.

We will provide you with a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial and it is important that you keep this in a secure place as it is the only legal document confirming your entitlement to the Right. It is very important to notify us of any change of address so that we can contact you regarding the cemetery or grave space.

See our page on Exclusive Rights of Burial and grave ownership, for more information.