Burial forms and documents

PurposeForm / documentDownload or link
Cemetery RegulationsCemetery Regulations
Cemetery Fees and ChargesCemetery Fees and Charges
To get permission to install a new memorial, or to make any changes to inscription on existing memorial.Application to install a MemorialApplication to install a Memorial – word document

Application to install a Memorial – pdf
To purchase a Right to burial in one of the parish cemeteries. Note that specific grave spaces cannot be reserved. An Exclusive Right of Burial is purchased in addition to the costs of interment.Application for the purchase of an Exclusive Right of BurialApplication for the purchase of an Exclusive Right of Burial – word version

Application for the purchase of an Exclusive Right of Burial – pdf
For funeral directors to make arrangements for an intermentInterment NoticeInterment Notice – word version

Interment Notice – pdf
For the current owner of the rights to burial to re-assign those rights to another person
Assignment of Rights of BurialAssignment of Rights of Burial – word version
Assignment of Rights of Burial – pdf
For the executor or administrator of a will to legally transfer ownership of the rights to burial from the recent late owner to the dedicated person
to accompany statutory declarations listed below
Form of AssentForm of Assent – word version
Form of Assent – pdf
Form used to declare ownership of the right to burial when no other supporting documentation (ie no valid Will) is believed to exist and the original owner is deceased.
Must be accompanied by the Deed of Assignment form, below
Statutory DeclarationStatutory Declaration – valid Will but NO grant of Probate has been obtained
Statutory Declaration – Will, Probate pending
Statutory Declaration – no Will, no Probate, Intestate

Guidance notes for completing a Statutory Declaration
Deed of Assignment – to accompany a Statutory Declaration – to set out who is to be listed as the grave owner/sDeed of AssignmentDeed of Assignment
Form used by the current registered owner to renunciate (give up) their right to burial and pass the right on to another family member. Or, for example, for a next of kin to give up their right to have the grave transferred into the name – applicants are advised to seek legal guidance on options.Form of RenunciationForm of Renunciation – word version

Form of Renunciation – pdf
Form used to give back the Exclusive Right of Burial to the parish council.Surrender of Exclusive Right of Burial formSurrender of Exclusive Right of Burial

Please note, you should seek your own independent legal advice regarding your circumstances and completing of the forms.  You are responsible for ensuring that the correct form has been completed and all details contained in it are correct.