Neighbourhood Plan – Background

The background to the Neighbourhood Plan:

The Ludgvan Parish Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held on Thursday 15 July 2021. 

Click here for the June 2021 leaflet for local residents, giving a brief overview of the Neighbourhood Plan process in Ludgvan

Click here for an update (6 July 2021) on the Ludgvan Neighbourhood Plan and calls for the A30 to bypass Crowlas and other built-up areas in the parish

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning allows people to come together through a local parish or town council and say where they think new houses, businesses and shops should go, and what they should look like. These Neighbourhood Plans can be very simple, or go into considerable detail.

The Ludgvan Neighbourhood Plan

A Steering Group, comprised of Councillors and Residents, on behalf of Ludgvan Parish Council, has been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. Once complete the Neighbourhood Plan will form a material consideration in the determination of planning applications within Ludgvan Parish alongside the Cornwall Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been created through listening to the views of residents and businesses and it has evolved to help deliver the local community’s aspirations and requirements for the future up to 2031.  The Neighbourhood Plan will provide a means of guiding, promoting and enabling balanced sustainable change and growth within its designated area.

Ludgvan’s Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Cornwall Council on 12th July 2019.  Cornwall Council undertook a six week consultation process with residents and other interested stakeholders between Thursday 15th August and 26th September 2019. 

An independent examiner was appointed to produce a draft examination report which was then submitted to Cornwall Council to fact check liaising with Ludgvan Parish Council before the document was finalised and can now be published. 

Cornwall Council, in consultation with Ludgvan Parish Council made any necessary changes to the plan proposal as set out by the Examiner before the plan was signed off by the Portfolio Holder for Planning and can now proceed to Referendum.

Neighbourhood Plan Decision in advance of Referendum

Cornwall Council Decision Report
Proceed to Referendum Report
Appendix 1 – Examiner’s Report
Appendix 2 – Recommended Changes
Appendix 3The final version of the Plan, with changes
Appendix 4 – Parish Design Statement

Consultee and Examiner Comments, with Parish Response

Examiner’s Report on Ludgvan Neighbourhood Plan – Dec 2019
Ludgvan and the LPC’s Further Response to Examiner Comments
Ludgvan Response to Neighbourhood Plan Examiners Comments
Cornwall Council Response to Neighbourhood Plan
Natural England Response to Neighbourhood Plan
Consultee Comments in Response to Neighbourhood Plan Reg 16
Diocese of Truro Response to Neighbourhood Plan
National Grid Response to Neighbourhood Plan

Documents Submitted for Examination:

The Examiner has provided initial comments, document linked below:
Initial Comments (October 2019)
Further Comments (November 2019)


Submission – July 2019
Basic Conditions Statement – July 2019
Consultation Statement – July 2019 (Amended)
Green Space Assessment Report – June 2018

Pre-Submission Consultation

SEA/HRA Screening Report – June 2019
SEA/HRA Screening Decision – Mar 2019
Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission – March 2019
Pre-Submission Comment Form

Reports and Documents

Long Rock Residents Survey Reports June 2019
Call For Land February 2019
Housing Needs Survey January 2019
1st Community Consultation September 2018
Local Green Space Assessment July 2018
Aims and Objectives Consultation February 2018
Local Evidence Report January 2018
Route Safety 2017
Protecting Cornish Hedges 2017
Initial Questionnaire Results November 2016
Consultation Report September 2016
Settlement Boundary Criteria
Steering Group Terms of Reference


The aim of the Housing Working Party is to instigate and support efforts to address the need for affordable homes for local families in the area and advise on the most effective and appropriate methods of meeting the housing need. 

The Housing Need Survey, 2019  identified a possible 52 households in need of affordable housing within the Parish.  Consequently, A Call for Land was issued.