Voting in the Ludgvan Parish Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – postal voting option and Coronavirus

The Ludgvan Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan referendum is being held on 2 April 2020.

The date of the referendum has been set and Cornwall Council has advised that they are required by law to hold the referendum on this date. This may change in coming days if directed by government and so voters are advised to keep up to date via this website and the Cornwall Council website.

If residents are concerned, there is still time to apply for a postal or proxy vote until 5pm, Wednesday 18 March 2020.

The deadline for new postal vote applications (or changes to existing ones) for this referendum is 5pm, Wednesday 18 March. A postal vote application form is available here:

If anyone wants to appoint a proxy, the deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 25 March. A proxy application form is available here:

Cornwall Council will update their website and include links to allow people to register to vote.