20 mph consultation – 8 September deadline

Cornwall Council has launched a public consultation on bringing in 20mph speed limits across West Penwith.

Click on this link to see the full public notice: https://www.ludgvan.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Infra22-070-Public-Notice-West-Penwith.pdf

The aspect of the proposal relevant to Ludgvan Parish is set out below.

See the Notice at the link above for information on how to view copies of the Orders and documentation. Comments of support, objections or any other representations, must be sent in writing, with objections specifying the grounds on which they are made, to Cormac Solutions Ltd, Infrastructure Design, Radnor Road, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5EH.  Any representations must be received no later than the 8th September 2023Alternatively, you can respond to the email address above, or on-line by visiting: www.cornwall.gov.uk/TrafficConsult.  Once registered, you will be able to submit responses to this and other current traffic consultations. 


20mph Speed Limit

Access to Carvossa Bank; Access to Kimberley; Access to Rear of Carvossa Terrace; Access to Rose Villa; Back Lane; Blowing House Hill from junction with Lower Quarter to 175m north-west of junction with Access to Carvossa Bank; Bowglas Close; Carvossa Estate; Carvossa Place; Castle Road from junction with Square to 80m north-west of junction with Bowglas Close; Chapel Square; Church Hill from junction with Lower Quarter to 186m south-west of junction with Long Lane, and from 150m east of junction with Access to Trethorns Carpark to junction with The Square; Chy-An-Gweal Estate; Eglos Road from junction with Square to 80m south-west of junction with Access to Bospras; Long Lane from junction with Church Hill to 63m south-west of junction with Chy-an-Gweal Estate; Lower Quarter; Polmor Road; River Valley View; Road Between A30 And Lower Quarter; Road Between Angwinack and Lower Quarter; Road From B3311 To Angwinack from junction with Road Between Angwinack and Lower Quarter to 10m north-west of junction with Access to Cannock Cottage; Road from Long Lane to Junction South of Ludgvan Leaze from junction with Long Lane to 90m south of junction with Fairfield; Rospeath Industrial Estate; Rospeath Lane from junction with A30 to 140m south-east of junction with Rospeath Industrial Estate; The Square; Tregender Lane from junction with Chapel Square to 50m north-east of junction with Tregender Road; Tregender Road.

30mph Speed Limit

Church Hill between 186m south-west of its junction with Long Lane and 150m east of its junction with Access to Trethorns Carpark.