Council cemeteries – Memorial checks

Checks on the safety of headstones

Family members visiting graves are advised that the parish council carries out periodic checks on the headstones. The tests are carried out by hand, with slight pressure applied to check that headstones are secure and not at risk of falling. We do this to try to make sure there is no risk of injury or damage, should a headstone topple.

If a headstone needs to be repaired, or better secured, then the council will contact the grave owner, according to records held. It is the grave owner’s responsibility to carry out works to ensure that headstones and memorials in this cemetery are safe.

Keep your contact details up to date

The parish council is currently working through its burial records and so if you own a grave in this cemetery, or have a close relative buried here, then now is a good time to get in touch and check that we have the right contact details on our system 

Contact the parish clerk by email or phone (the clerk works part-time).

email:         tel. 07928 813 653